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Snapchat Planets Order and Meaning Explained (2024)

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Snapchat can be, without certainty, the top viewed social media app for Gen Z users. Although Snapchat is already packed with features, Snapchat Plus elevates the experience by offering exciting new features. Snapchat frequently brings the latest features in its subscriptions which allows you to change the icon on the app, see the people who watched your story again, and even mark certain individuals as BFFs. To help you comprehend the second, Snapchat’s subscription has introduced a brand new feature known as Snapchat Friend Solar System that assigns a planet to your close friends.

This article we’ll assist you in understanding what are Snapchat planets and their sequence and significance, as well as other. At the end of this article we’ll also discuss how you can see Snapchat’s solar system. Snapchat solar system to share with your friends.

Snapchat Planets What is the Friend Solar System?

You are already familiar with the way a solar system works and looks. Our solar system has each planet orbits its own Sun with a specific distance. If you’re an Snapchat Plus subscriber, you are the Sun of your Friend Solar System.

First Snapchat Planet that is listed on this list is Mercury It is the person who you have the most fun in with, i.e. your most trusted friend on Snapchat. This method applies to the top eight friends on Snapchat which means that the top eight friends will be assigned a planet depending on the degree of proximity you have to them (how you communicate with them).

Snapchat Planets Order and Meaning (2024)

Each planet within Snapchat’s Snapchat friends solar system is assigned an individual position in your listing of Best Friends, and the arrangement of the planets within your Solar System is identical to the arrangement of the planets in our current solar system. Because your Snapchat friend is in the position of being the Sun for Snapchat’s Snapchat friends solar system Mercury will be assigned as the person you share the most chats and snaps to, Venus being the closest one, and the list continues to Neptune and is your 8th best friend.

To help you comprehend the meaning behind Snapchat planets more clearly We have described them in depth together with their equivalent emojis below:


Similar to the real solar system, Mercury is the planet that is the initial one in Snapchat’s Snapchat solar system. It is the user’s first and most important friend. Mercury is represented as an red planet that has four five red hearts around it.


Venus can be described as the sun’s second largest planet. It is the user’s second-closest close friend. Venus is the second planet in our solar system. Venus planet is represented as an earth-like planet that is light brown, with pink, yellow and blue hearts around it.


The third planet of our solar system Earth which corresponds to the user’s third most trusted friend. It’s represented with the identical color of Earth in real Earth with the moon, stars and red hearts surrounding it.


Mars is your fourth most trusted person On Snapchat it is known as the the fourth of our planets in the solar system. Mars is represented by a red star with stars, blue and purple hearts surrounding their friendmoji.


The Snapchat solar system functions as a re-creation that of the solar system Jupiter is a user’s five closest friends. The app features a reddish-orange planet, with dark orange stripes and stars that revolve around it.


Similar to the sun, Saturn lies sixth to the Sun. It’s our user’s sixth most trusted partner. Saturn is identified by a bright orange planet with an elongated ring and stars.


The Uranus planet is the user’s seventh most trusted friends Snapchat. Snapchat as represented as the green planet without hearts.


Not to be left out, Neptune is the eighth planet in our solar system. It also represents the eighth friend on your friends’ list within the application’s Solar System. Be aware that there isn’t any romance or even life on this bleak Blue Planet.

Do Snapchat’s Friend’s Solar System Work

The first step is to must sign up to Snapchat Plus to view which planet you’re on in the universe of your friends. After you have registered, you’ll be able to see an ” Best Friends” or ” Friends” badge with a gold outline every time you visit a friend’s profile. A Best Friends badge means you have been ranked in each other’s top 8 most cherished friends. While the Friends badge indicates that you’re on their top eight most popular friends list, however they’re not in yours.

When you tap on one of the badges will reveal the position of friendship in the Friend Solar System. To make things interesting, the relationship is displayed as planets that represent a distinct location on their top friend list. For instance, If you’re Jupiter in the Snapchat solar system, it means that you’re their fifth most trusted friend. Here’s how you can determine which planet is on the other person’s Snapchat solar system.

  • Go to the profile of your friend’s on Snapchat.
  • Tap and locate on the Best Friends badge to reveal the planet you represent.

And that’s it. This is how Snapchat’s solar system functions. Remember to be an Snapchat Plus subscriber in order to gain access to Snapchat’s solar system.

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