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AA Inflight.com American Airlines Inflight WiFi Guide

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Are you interested in knowing how to connect to American Airlines inflight WiFi? Check out this article to find out the costs of subscriptions and services and the best way to connect during your flight. We will also talk about the different options for accessing entertainment as well as the internet system.

What is AA Inflight?

Aa Inflight is American Airlines offering onboard wifi and entertainment service. The airline will make the passengers’ travel experience more enjoyable through the quick availability of gaming, video, and music through high-speed internet.

Passengers are also able to check their emails or browse the internet, as well as watch their favorite films using laptops or phones during their travels. Utilize HBO, Hulu, and Netflix to stream TV shows and films. The company introduced the AA Inflight service in 2016 and has since expanded its services across different routes.

AAA Inflight.com

It’s an online portal for accessing American Airlines’ inflight Wi-Fi. You can also utilize this website to obtain full details on the WiFi onboard service and the cost.

How do I connect to American Airlines WiFi on the plane?

  • First, turn on airplane mode on your device.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi and join the Internet.
  • Then, you’ll discover a variety of wireless networks, and you just need to join your gadget to an “ainflight” wifi network.
  • Next, create the browser in a new tab, and then type ainflight.com within the address bar area to ensure that you won’t be redirected to a new page.
  • The system will now ask for the AAdvantage user ID and password. It is recommended to create a new profile in case you don’t possess an existing one.
  • After you have successfully logged in, you must follow the instructions displayed on screen or select the plan that will allow you to connect to American Airlines WiFi.


On your flight, you are able to access aa.com. But purchasing the following plan to access your favorite apps and websites is the best option.

How much does American Airlines’ Wi-Fi cost?

The prices for the AA Inflight Wi-Fi plans are as follows:.

Pay-As-You-Fly Package:

It’s the first Wi-Fi package offered by American Airlines in which you must pay for every gigabyte. Pay-as-you-go internet service is ideal for those who only stream or require internet connectivity for a few minutes.

  • Get free internet across all routes for $10.

Monthly Subscription Program:

This plan is perfect for those who travel frequently. It’s available at discounted costs, and subscribers are connected throughout their journey and have unlimited data access without any additional costs.

  • For a single device,the per-month internet plan fee is $49.95. plan cost amounts to $49.95.
  • Two devices The monthly internet plan cost is $59.95. $59.95.

How do I purchase an American Airlines Wi-Fi subscription?

  • Firstly, use this website: www.aa.com/loyalty/enrollment/enroll to join the AAdvantage Program.
  • Fill in all the information required in order to finish your profile.
  • You must have an email address with valid validity that is recorded in the database of your AAdvantage account.
  • It would be optimal if you had credit card information and a US billing address recorded in the records on the AAdvantage Account.

How do I enable the AA Inflight WiFi feature on a tablet or phone?

  • After you have turned on airplane mode, After turning on airplane mode, connect devices to the “inflight” wireless network.
  • If you’re not being redirected to a different page, start a new tab on the internet and type inflight.com.
  • Then, sign in using your AAdvantage account, providing your login username or password.
  • Create a new account in case you are still in need of an account with AAdvantage.
  • At the end of the day, adhere to the guidelines on screen to experience high-speed internet.

How do I enable AA’s inflight WiFi on a laptop?

  • Connect your laptop to”ainflight” wifi network “ainflight” wireless network.
  • You can type ainflight.com in a browser if you’re not being redirected to the page that follows.
  • Log in to your account to enjoy the WiFi network of the AA Inflight.

How can I connect to WiFi for American Airlines?

  • Log in to your Advantage account.
  • Visit Sign Up” on the “AA Airline Services” page and click on Subscribe,” and then click the “Subscribe Today” option.
  • Enter the necessary payment information and then tap the “Submit” option.
  • Then Follow the instructions on the screen to enable your device successfully.

American Airlines Wi-Fi coverage

The three service providers mentioned provided coverage for American Airlines Wi-Fi coverage.

  • Panasonic
  • Viasat
  • Intelsat

Additionally, the airline offers Wi-Fi service on all domestic flights within the United States and also covers Canada as well as the US. Passengers are also able to enjoy the internet onboard in certain regions that have coverage by networks like Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

AAA InFlight Entertainment

When traveling on American Airlines, passengers have plenty of options for entertainment. This includes movies, games, music, TV shows, and much more. Users can enjoy their own content via phones or laptops.

Second, if you have an active AAdvantage membership, you will have free access to games and music. However, movies and shows are available to rent. Purchase an AAA InFlight Entertainment subscription plan for unlimited entertainment content. Flyers also get access to several exclusive discounts when signing up for the service.

Customer Support

Contact a Customer Service Representative to learn more regarding wifi for American Airlines and any problems you may be facing.

ServicesContact Details
Live Chatsupport.ainflight.com
Email Addresssubscription.75******6a6@8***0.com
Telephone Number1-844-994-4646

American Airlines App

It’s a great method of staying connected to the skies. The app offers a variety of advantages and can assist passengers in making reservations for flights, finding out about future flights, and coordinating every aspect of travel for their preferred airline.

The app is also packed with incredible features like alerts about gate delays, flight delays, time of departure and arrival, and airport maps.

How do I download the AA app?

The application can be used on Android as well as iOS devices. Download the app on the Play Store or the App Store. Log in to your account with AAdvantage to take full advantage of all the app’s features.

application to obtain complete information about their next flight and organize their travel plans. The application will inform all members who are registered about gate numbers, forthcoming flight status, as well as the time of departure and arrival for flights.

How to utilize the AA Inflight.com


Q. Can I purchase alcohol through AA Inflight Online?

There is no way to make it possible to purchase alcohol on the internet. But, you can make a request to your cabin crew in flight and pay to purchase alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.

Q. Does the airline’s inflight WiFi speed very fast?

The speed of the wifi is extremely fast and allows passengers to easily stream movies, TV shows, and music. It’s also simple to download large files as well as browse the internet.

Q. Is it true that American Airlines has wifi?

Yes, WiFi coverage is accessible on all routes. You must purchase it prior to your flight to ensure that you are connected throughout your trip.

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