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Office Kitchen Cleaning Hacks: Keeping the Breakroom Fresh

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In the chaotic world of offices, the breakroom plays a very crucial role for providing employees with a space to refuel and unwind. However, the main challenge is to maintain the office kitchen’s clean environment and keep it hygienic. 

Fret not! We have got you covered by providing a comprehensive guide to update your office kitchen cleaning game using the professional and top-notch service of office cleaning by ByNext. Your breakroom can be spotless and offer a fresh and healthy room with just a professional touch. 

Office Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Checklists are maintain to ensure that no task is being ignored or missed, here are some of the items that need to be on checklist:

  • The refrigerator renaissance – discard spoiled and expired items
  • Countertops chronicles – disinfect and sanitize them by making solutions
  • Microwave magic – cleaning the interior and exterior of appliances.
  • Utensil utopia – sanitize and organize the shelves to keep the utensils in order.
  • Coffee corner cleanup – cleaning the filter, storage to prevent mineral buildup or it might affect the flavor of your coffee. 
  • Sweep and mop the floor.
  • Take out trash and recycling. 
  1. The Refrigerator Renaissance

Transforming your office kitchen should start with the heart of it all – the refrigerator. All the kitchen appliances including the refrigerator should be your first priority when it comes to the cleaning process of the kitchen. 

  • Begin by discarding the expired items by packing them up in sealed bags. 
  • Empty the rest of the items from the refrigerator while you are cleaning it, now time to take out the shelves, drawers and other removable parts and clean them by using hot water. 
  • When you remove all the parts then wipe down the interior using a damp soft cloth. 
  • Organize the parts back to their place and your refrigerator is ready to go!
  1. Countertops Chronicles

Cleaning the kitchen countertops plays a crucial part, it is the place where people place their food and snack over it. 

  • Start by cleaning the surface: remove all the items from the surface using a soft bristle brush or dry cloth, just to ensure that all the loose dirt and debris are removed. 
  • Choosing the right cleaning solution will make a difference: 

For marble – mix soap water with water.

For stainless – mix stainless steel with distilled water.

  • Disinfect the surface by spraying the solution of vinegar and water in an equal ratio 1:1
  1. Microwave Magic 

To get your microwave sparkling clean using the natural ingredients like vinegar and lemon juice here are the steps:

  • Pour water and vinegar in a bowl and place it in the microwave on a high temperature until the solution starts boiling and the window starts steaming up.
  • Once it’s done, allow the microwave to cool for a few minutes.
  • Wipe the interior down using a soft cloth.
  • Extreme temperatures inhibit the growth of bacteria and germs.  

Same steps go for lemon juice and baking soda. Also, don’t forget to check the manual’s instructions before cleaning the microwave both from the interior and exterior.

  1. Utensil Utopia

Culinary and utensils demand regular sanitization and maintenance in order to keep the kitchen environment hygienic. 

  • Start by discarding the unwanted and broken utensils from the drawers and shelves and organize them, in this way you can only have the utensils that are in use. 
  • Hand wash your utensils daily using a mild dish soap and water.
  • Organize your kitchen drawers by dividers or trays, placing each item accurately, this will not only look organized but your cooking process will be seamless as well. 
  1. Coffee Corner Cleanup 

Coffee corner is mostly everyone’s favorite corner, elevating your coffee heaven to a realm where every sip is served in an environment of cleanliness and odor.

  • Start by cleaning the coffee machine but make sure to turn it off before taking further steps. 
  • Descale it daily in order to prevent mineral buildup that may affect the flavor of your coffee.
  • Clean and rinse the filter after every use, to make sure that coffee grounds are completely removed. 
  • Take a look at your coffee bean storage as well, check if it doesn’t have any leftover beans or else it will blockage the path by building up oil or minerals. 
  • Keep the containers of condiments tidy where you can store sugar, milk etc. wipe away any sticky residues and keep them neat and clean. 


In the occupied landscape of office dynamics, the commitment towards the cleanliness and hygienic office kitchen environment plays a very crucial role. As it not only contributes to our well being but also reflects a positive culture. 

From the refrigerator renaissance to attention to the countertops, from sanitizing kitchen appliances like microwave and coffee machine to organizing the utensil in order, each hack is effective for keeping the breakroom fresh.

However, if you want to have a professional touch to transform the kitchen space, just reach out to ByNext and let professionals do their magic by using eco-friendly techniques and products. Let these ingenious practices be a tool to value cleanliness, order and well-being of the employees. So it’s time to picture the break room as a comfort zone that offers freshness, cleanliness and a healthy environment.

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