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JoinPD: Understanding Pear Deck and the way it functions

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Pear Deck is an online platform which allows instructors and teachers to conduct engaging classes for students. Teachers can turn their lessons into interactive quizzes in real-time and Q&A sessions that assess the ability of each student.

This is also the case for platforms such as Kahoot! Pear Deck works with the teacher to build an online class, and students can join the class by using the code. This is referred to as the JoinPD. joining PD .

In this article we will find out additional information concerning Pear Deck and how it functions.

How do you think Pear Deck Used For?

Pear Deck makes everyday class lessons more interactive and enjoyable for students. Pear Deck can also be used to aid teachers in assessing the comprehension and involvement of each student during the class.

This is the main aspect that differentiates it against other platforms, such as Google Classroom. On other e-learning platforms, teachers aren’t able to actively assess the extent to which a particular student is receiving the course and how active they’re.

This isn’t an issue if a teacher uses JoinPD.

What is Pear Deck Function?

This is the basic outline of the way JoinPD operates:

  • The teacher logs in to their account by using the Pear Deck password for teachers. information.
  • The teacher then chooses from the available templates for lessons…
  • …or design one with their students by using various interactive elements.
  • Then, the teacher then shares the code with the class. The students then can seek assistance for online classes in case they need.
  • Students go to” Join Session” ” Join Session” page, and then enter the code into the space.

This is a brief overview of how the procedure works.

We also want to provide details about the various types of interactive content you can develop using Pear Deck. In the next segment we will take a look at the six different ways of assessment through formative (words extracted directly from Pear Deck’s official website) which you can employ with the platform.

1. Draggable

In these kinds of interactive classes students are required to complete various exercises by draggable icons and shapes, symbols and more. on the screen.

Teachers can use a variety of exercises with this method. They can ask students to make a match, locate objects in a specific image, or do similar exercises.

This is the example shown on the official site for this technique:

In the picture above you will look at a drag gable lesson about the country’s places. Students can complete the task on their own devices and it will then be visible to the teacher.

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2. Text

The “Text” practice lets students compose a written response to any prompt or question that is given by the instructor. Teachers could, for instance give a portion of a completed line to students and then ask them to finish the line.

They could also provide students with the list of words they need to know and ask them for the synonyms and antionyms they would like to use for these words. This is a straightforward textual response that can be used in numerous ways that it could be applied.

Here’s an illustration on the official website:

In the above image it is evident in the image above that teacher issued the students a question, i.e., “Write a short essay about the image” and the diverse responses given by students are displayed below.

3. Multiple Choice

It’s a Multiple-Choiceoption that you can select in JoinPD is like Text. It’s similar to Text option, however it’s much easier.

The option for Text option lets students write any text they wish as a response to the question. This allows them to choose a small selection of choices to choose from.

An easy exercise teachers can try is to present an explanation to students and ask them to decide if it is true or not. This is the concept we came across in the picture at the top of this page.

However, when we look at the way this is done we believe that the best way to utilize this approach is to conduct polls for students. For example the teacher can allow students to choose what subject they’d like to research or if they would like taking a test, by creating it as an MCQ.

4. Web

This Internet feature of Pear Deck provides a means teachers can let their students explore specific websites during classes. Although it’s not a good idea to grant free reign to students on which websites they’d like to explore or not but the weboption is a way to allow them to explore in a controlled manner.

Teachers can make students take part in a variety of activities with this feature. Students can browse an educational website and then inform the teachers about what they have learned.

5. Draw

Draw is a feature that lets draw option allows users to draw on the screen. It’s not really drawing, but rather drawing lines or patterns using your mouse.

Based on the example provided for this on the site it can be helpful when performing “Spot the distinction” as well as “Circle words” kinds of exercises.

In the image there is an example of the teacher’s request “Circle the nouns within this sentence.”

6. Number

The number method can be useful for teachers who want to get an answer from their students in a numbers. The way that the website demonstrates this is quite intriguing. Check it out:

On the screen of the teacher, i.e., on the right side, you will see the correct figure, i.e., one billion, is shown in the center and the guesses of the students displayed by red circles. The closer a circle is towards the lines, the more precise the guess made by the student.

In the same way, as the above illustration illustrates an exact question that has a specific answer You can create it according to your needs.

The Wrapping Up

JoinPD is an innovative method to assist students in learning their lessons. It lets teachers create an experience that is an immersive and interactive experience.

In the previous post you’ll learn how this platform could be used, as well as the kinds of exercises it can provide.

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